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Our Mission

Investment Property Advisors provide solutions for common (and uncommon) challenges facing apartment commercial real estate owners in the chicagoland area. We at investment property advisors are committed to the creation and preservation of wealth for our clients. Our objective is to create strategic long-term partnerships with investors helping them reach their investment goals trhough the acquistion and disposition of commercial real estate. As investors ourselves, we at investment property advisors understand that your investment property is your greatest asset; our clients are ours.

Investment Property Advisors LLC was created to provide consultation services for investors interested in buy and sell commercial real estate in the Chicagoland market. Investment Property Advisors’s primary focus is advising investors on how to best position themselves when buying and selling investment property to minimize risk while increasing their upside.

When assessing an investment opportunity for clients, Investment Property Advisors first underwrites the property, allowing the buyer to compare/contrast his valuation information to what was provided by the sellers representative, providing them with a clear picture of the property’s true financial viability. He also researches the property through public data sites to verify that there are no pending foreclosures, liens or building violations on the property. Investment Property Advisors also advises his clients on the area of interest’s economic viability, providing neighborhood vacancy data, demographics, and the socioeconomic makeup of the area as well.



In today’s competitive real estate market, buy and sell commercial real estate can be tough; we’re here to make it easier.

We Can Help!

Considering buying an apartment building (or currently in the due diligence process) and need an objective analysis of the deal performed first?

Considering establishing an LLC partnership to purchase real estate and need counsel on how to structure your partnership?

Considering Selling your Apartment Building/Portfolio and need counsel on how to minimize you tax liability?

Need referrals for lenders, inspectors, appraisers and property management companies?