Investment Property Advisors

Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Connecting investors with providers of capital for their commercial real estate projects.

Advising developers on what improvements in new and existing developments will give them the highest ROI and compete for renters in the Chicago luxury rental space.

Advising current investors on how to mitigate property tax issues beyond the traditional tax appeal process.

Providing due diligence services for investors who currently have contracts on multifamily assets in the Chicago market.

Facilitating introductions for investors new to the Chicago CRE space providing them with vetted service providers in efforts to foster a successful transition to the market.

Guiding out of market investors through the process of dealing with local municipal organizations, educating them on the landscape of building or making improvements to existing properties in Chicago.

What We Offer….

Every investor, not matter how large or small, starts out the same way with buying their first property. And the one thing many of them can agree on is that they made mistakes along the way: whether it was not taking in consideration a property’s deferred maintenance or did not have enough in reserves to address the repairs needed, or maybe they did not move quickly to evict a tenant, and by the time they did, the eviction ended up being a lengthy (and costly) process. These mistakes, especially for small operators, can determine the success or failure of an investment.


Before buying an Commercial Real Estate in Chicagoland market, call us first. In our initial consultation, we will pair you with one of our property experts who will provide you with strategies on how to address your real estate related needs. Today, there are more non local investors are active in Chicago’s real estate market, some of which are not familiar with the communities they are investing in. Investment Property Advisors’ goal is to prepare new investors for their transition to commercial real estate ownership, making it as seamless as possible.

At Investment Property Advisors, we also work with Investors, who are considering selling their Commercial Real Estate/portfolio(s), however have concerns regarding their potential tax liability upon liquidating their asset(s). When meeting with property owners, we create an action plan that provides them with best options, whether it is liquidate the asset and pay taxes, or sell the property and reinvest the funds through a 1031 exchange transfer, or sell and reinvest the gain (i.e. profit) into an opportunity zone.

Investment Property Advisors goal is to ensure the financial success of all their clients through proper real estate planning; we understand through first-hand experience is that investing in and selling real estate without a well thought out plan is a recipe for failure.

In today’s competitive real estate market, buying and selling Commercial Real Estate can be tough; we’re here to make it easier.

We Can Help!

Considering buying an apartment building (or currently in the due diligence process) and need an objective analysis of the deal performed first?

Considering establishing an LLC partnership to purchase real estate and need counsel on how to structure your partnership?

Considering Selling your Apartment Building/Portfolio and need counsel on how to minimize you tax liability?

Need referrals for lenders, inspectors, appraisers and property management companies?